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It can be challenging to identify the owners of various businesses because some are owned by a single person, while others are collectively owned by shareholders and parent firms. So, many people have questioned whether Samsung owns LG and, if not, who does. We did the study because we were inquisitive. So, Is LG owned by Samsung? And this is what I discovered!

Additionally, if you want to discover more about LG’s owners, what it means to be a conglomerate, as well as other information, keep reading!

Who Owns LG?

LG Electronics was first established as GoldStar in 1958. After the Korean War, the company was founded to offer domestically produced consumer goods and household appliances to the nation which was only beginning to reconstruct. A wide range of appliances, including air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and LED lighting options, are produced by LG for use in the kitchen, laundry room, and other parts of the home. Currently, the corporation is a conglomerate, which implies that numerous stockholders own it rather than just one individual who is in charge of the entire business.

Is LG a Conglomerate?

A conglomerate is a company made up of numerous, occasionally unconnected firms. In a conglomerate, one larger corporation holds a controlling interest in several smaller ones that operate independently and separately. LG is currently a conglomerate because no single person is the sole owner of the business. Instead, there are just stockholders in the business.

LG is a South Korean global conglomerate with holdings in a variety of industries, including media, chemicals, and electronics. Since 1995, LG has been owned by its largest shareholder, the LG Group. LG is a South Korean global conglomerate with holdings in a variety of industries, including media, chemicals, and electronics. Since 1995, LG has been owned by its largest shareholder, the LG Group. Ki-suk Lee began the business in 1947 under the name GoldStar, which was thereafter shortened to Lucky Goldstar. On January 1st, 1948, the business changed its name to Lucky Goldstar, and on July 20th, 1978, it became LG Electronics Incorporated. Based on market capitalization and revenue, they are the fourth-largest technological corporation in the world as of 2018.

Does LG make its appliances?

LG doesn’t produce any of its appliances. They are a manufacturer of gadgets, including cell phones, televisions, and other devices. LG collaborates frequently with businesses that produce electronics and appliances. This covers businesses like Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba, among others. Whirlpool Corporation and LG are partners in the production of appliances.

Who Owns Samsung?

Popular electronics manufacturer Samsung is well-known for its mobile devices, particularly its well-liked Galaxy smartphone brand. However, this corporation also creates a variety of smart home gadgets under the Samsung brand. Smartphones, tablets, audio equipment, TVs, and even smart home appliances like refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, microwaves, and laundry machines are among these gadgets. In 1938, in a place called Samsung in Seoul, South Korea, Lee Byung-Chull founded Samsung, a South Korean corporation. The company eventually evolved into the well-known electronics behemoth that it is today during the ensuing decades. But when he went away in 1987, his son Ken-hee Lee received the ownership. The family of Ken-hee Lee is attempting to acquire control of the business after his passing in October 2020.

Which Companies Does Samsung Own?

Samsung creates well-liked goods today, including the Galaxy brand of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The business not only creates mobile devices but also offers industrial electronics such as integrated systems, semiconductors, and appliances. With the products it creates, the industries it develops, and the clients it serves, Samsung has gone a long way. Without first acquiring other companies and acting as a parent company, Samsung would not have been able to become one of the biggest corporations in the world. There are only 11 firms that Samsung currently owns.

Does Samsung currently own LG?

You might be surprised to learn that LG is not owned by Samsung. No single person is the company’s owner because Samsung is a conglomerate. This indicates that numerous shareholders are involved in keeping the business afloat.

Are LG and Samsung the same business?

Even though many people think Samsung and LG are the same business, this is untrue. Samsung and LG are competitor businesses that compete with one another for clients. These two businesses are actually in a lot of competition with one another, primarily because their products are so similar.

Is Samsung Better Than LG?

Regarding the question of whether Samsung is superior to LG or vice versa, there are conflicting opinions. In actuality, the choice of the appliance or equipment truly boils down to personal preference. Both businesses are widely regarded for offering top-notch goods that hold up well over time. In the TV sector, LG produces OLED screens, which are regarded as having the best color and contrast. Samsung continues to use QLED technology, which falls short of OLED in terms of picture quality. In 2020, QLED TVs will be a fierce competitor to OLED TVs. South Korean news sources claim that Samsung and LG have signed a historic agreement for the supply of OLED panels. Samsung will be acquiring OLED displays from LG Display, a local rival of its display-making subsidiary, Samsung Display, for the first time. To purchase displays, Samsung has started going outside of its sibling firm. For its entry-level Galaxy M devices, it has already started looking at Chinese OLEDs.


Is LG owned by Samsung?  No! LG is not one of the companies that Samsung owns, despite this fact. In actuality, stockholders own LG rather than a single individual. In other words, the many shareholders of LG are ultimately responsible for the corporation, not just one individual. Hope you can see this information is useful to get know more about two big brands – LG and Samsung


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